If you want to blast away your fat but can’t stand the jitters that come with taking stimulants (found in most fat burners), Caliente is the very best stim-free fat burner, containing a whopping 225 mg of Grains of Paradise!

It’s also a great option for gym junkies who already take pre-workout, so you won’t be doubling up on the stims!

Key Ingredients:

What to Look for When Buying a Grains of Paradise Supplement

Fully Disclosed Ingredient Label

When buying any type of supplement, you always want to check that the product fully discloses all the ingredients.

What does this mean?

They aren’t hiding any ingredient dosages under a “proprietary blend.”

When looking at the ingredient label, you will also want to check for FDA and GMP certification, which means that the ingredients have been 3rd-party tested and are safe for consumption.

If you’re vegan – you’ll definitely want to look for a certified vegan supplement.

Determine the Right Supplement for You

You have two options:

  1. Supplements that contain pure Grains of Paradise, with no other added ingredients.
  2. Full-spectrum fat-burning supplements that contain multiple ingredients to maximize fat loss and enhance general performance, such as caffeine, hordenine, and beta-alanine.

Neither option is “better,” it’s entirely up to what you are comfortable with taking.

Go With a Brand You Can Trust

A legitimate, trustworthy brand will have the following:

What Are the Grains of Paradise Benefits?

Preventing Fat Accumulation

Before we get into the good stuff, it’s helpful to understand how Grains of Paradise actually works.

There are two different kinds of fat in the body:

  1. White adipose tissueThink of white fat as your body’s extra fuel storage. Any extra calories that your body doesn’t need immediately are stored as white fat.
  2. Brown adipose tissueThis type of fat is used to maintain your body’s normal temperature (by producing heat), increase your energy expenditure and keep your blood sugar levels regular.

Now for the good part.

Grains of Paradise has been proven to have the ability to transform your white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue. That means increased energy expenditure and increased weight loss!

Other benefits include improved glucose metabolism and blood sugar levels- also contributing to fat loss.

Take note: Not all Grains of Paradise supplements are equal. For example, Paradoxine and CaloriBurn (patented forms) have actual human studies to back their claims.

The potent compounds found inside Grains of Paradise seeds (6-paradol, 6-shogaol, 6-gingerol) are responsible for boosting fat loss.

Boosting Energy Expenditure

Another incredible benefit of taking Grains of Paradise is its ability to increase whole-body energy expenditure.

What’s the big deal? The more energy you expend (from brown fat), the higher your potential to lose weight.

A study was performed involving a group of young, healthy men who were given either a placebo, or 40 mg of Grains of Paradise extract daily for one month.

The results confirmed that the men who consumed the Grains of Paradise extract had a dramatically higher energy expenditure due to increased brown fat activity compared to the placebo group.

Other promising potential health benefits of Grains of Paradise include improved digestion and decreased inflammation. However, more studies need to be done to prove this.

FAQs About Grains of Paradise

Do Grains of Paradise actually work?

Yes, studies suggest that Grains of Paradise can help reduce body fat and improve body composition.

With that being said, weight loss, in general, won’t occur without the body being in a calorie deficit – no matter how many fat burners you take.

To truly see results from this awesome supplement – it’s just as important to focus on diet and exercise.

Is Grains of Paradise a stimulant?

No, but it’s popularly used as an effective stimulant-free fat-burning sports supplement since it can help burn calories and give you an energy boost similar to that of a stimulant.

Although Grains of Paradise is naturally stimulant-free, most fat-burning supplements containing this awesome ingredient contain other stimulants like caffeine.

Fortunately, it is possible to get your hands on stimulant-free fat burners containing Grains of Paradise if you’d rather avoid the potential of unwanted side effects, like jitters or mood swings that often accompany fat burners.

How should I use Grains of Paradise for weight loss?

To notice the thermogenic effects, it’s advised that you take at least 40 mg Grains of Paradise at 12.5% 6-paradol daily, as an optimal dose.

It’s also just as important to combine your supplementation with a healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise routine to maximize your weight loss results.

Another way to enhance its fat-burning effects is to take a more complete weight loss supplement containing ingredients like caffeine or beta-alanine.

Top tip: Patented forms of Grains of Paradise (like CaloriBurn, Paradoxine) are always excellent as they have been tested and proven to be effective.

Final Words

So, what are the ultimate Grains of Paradise supplements for burning fat?

Every recommendation on our list is nothing short of immaculate, but our top pick is

Chaos Fat Burner by Apollon Nutrition is the most well-rounded ultra-premium fat-burning supplement!

And the runners-up are:

When it comes to taking Grains of Paradise for its body re-composition benefits, enhanced fat loss, and improved lipid levels and glucose metabolism – using the best extract will give you the best results.

Extensive research has gone into testing patented, standardized forms like Paradoxine and CaliBurn that strongly suggests the efficiency of this incredible plant extract.

So, go get your hands on one of the best Grains of Paradise supplements mentioned above and SMASH those fitness goals!

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